Students - It's time to elect a new Thespian Board


We will be creating a new Redmond Drama logo and we are looking for artists to help out! This will be printed on our new sweatshirts and t-shirts, as well as other spirit wear.

If you would be interested in entering our competition, please send your design to the Drama Board by May 21st. We are accepting designs both on paper and digital, whichever you are most comfortable with.

  • It must not be too intricate, as it will be scaled down to mere inches
  • It should use no more than three of the following colors - black, white, green, and gold
  • "Redmond High School Drama" should be present somewhere within the logo, though it doesn't have to be IN the logo.

After the deadline, submissions will be posted and it will be decided by a vote!
If chosen, you will be able to work with our thespian board to work out a final design.


Deb Nielsen (, 
Cathi Bibby (
RHS Drama Booster Co-Presidents

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