Friends of the Theatre

RHS Drama Boosters is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting Redmond HS Theatre Arts with the goal of making the program accessible and meaningful for all students. Our Friends of the Theatre program provides a direct path to supporting the programs.

Thank you to our Friends of the Theatre. We very much appreciate your support of the Redmond HS Theatre Arts!

2016-17 Supporting Businesses






2016-17 Supporting Families:

$250 - $500

The DeLeon Family
The Seraphina Family

$100 - $249

The Armstrong Family
The Beehler Family
The Bibby Family
The Colombe Family
The Drazkowski Family
The Pollock Family

$50 - $99

The Hamilton Family
The Harris Family
The Lyon-Smith Family
The Milton Family
The Sigel Family


 The Briggs Family
The Chen Family
The Dagget Family
The Goodwin Family
The Macchiarella Family
The Quenneville Family

One way you can support this successful program is by your including your business advertisements in our printed programs for all of our shows throughout the year. If you would like to advertise in our programs, please fill out this advertising form and send it to the Redmond Drama Boosters

Another way you can support this successful program is by your donations. If you would like to support our program as well, please fill out this donation form and submit it to the Redmond Drama Boosters. Thanks!