Stay Informed

about RHS drama events

There are many ways to stay informed about RHS Drama events. We recommend you follow a few different sources, as not every event is posted on every platform.

Social Media


Remind Join to get reminders via text.

There is a new Remind each school year for the Drama Club. Contact a Thespian Board member to find out how to get on the list.

There is a separate Remind for each production. Contact the stage manager for your show.

Booster Meetings

Parents, come to the Drama Booster meetings to get more information about productions, trips, and events.

The General meetings are for everyone! If you have a student in a show, be sure to attend to the Parent meeting for that show.

Booster Meeting Schedule

Email Contacts

RHS Drama Boosters:

Danika Drake, Director:

Student Thespian Board: Email their advisor, Mrs. Drake:


Booster Newsletter: Parents and students can sign up to get the email newsletter from the RHS Drama Boosters.

Sign up to be on our mailing list

Thespian Newsletter: Students and parents can sign up to get the email newsletter from the Student Thespian Board.

Email to be added to our mailing list.

Mustang Weekly: Announcements about Drama events are posted in the Booster Club section of the PSTA newsletter, the Mustang Weekly. Sign up on the PSTA website.