Senior Awards

Hall of Fame

Honoring Outstanding Seniors

Each year, RHS Drama seniors are recognized with special awards: the Outstanding Thespian and the Golden Stage Weight.

Outstanding Thespian

The Outstanding Thespian award is given by the RHS Drama Director to a student who upholds the aims and ideals of the International Thespian Society. A student of theatre who performs their part as well as they can, accepts praise and criticism with grace, cooperates with fellow thespians, works for the good of the troupe, and shares their love of theatre.

2020: Julianne Farley

2019: Joey Macchiarella

2018: Brendan Bibby

Golden Stage Weight

The Golden Stage Weight award is given by the RHS Theater Manager to a senior for outstanding achievement in technical theatre.

2020: Gayle Deddo

2019: Lindsey Nielsen and Rebecca Bailey

2018: Sarah Cauthorn

2017: Kaelyn Melrose

2016: Chloe Mason

2015: Elizabeth Bailey

2014: Reyna Duenas

2013: Edward Mineishi

2011: Ashley Loper

2010: Stacy Church

2009: Miranda Hannon

2008: Christopher Drew Williams

2007: Matt Sage

2005: Kevin Watson

2004: Bonnie Mattson