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Washington State Unified Auditions

What Are Unified Auditions?

Important For 2020, the whole event will be done virtually. Fees are reduced and more colleges are participating! Get more details on this year's auditions.

Students who want to pursue theatre in college need to audition for undergraduate theatre programs. At Unified Auditions, multiple colleges, universities, theatre programs, and conservatories hold auditions in one location. Unifieds can be a cost-efficient and convenient way to audition for a lot of schools in one place at one time.

Washington State Unified College Auditions are run by the WA State Thespians and take place at Roosevelt High School in Seattle. It is an all-day event, with auditions in the morning and callback interviews in the afternoon. There is also a college fair.

Who Can Come?

Both actors and technicians can attend. Actors audition and techies present a portfolio of their technical theatre work.

Seniors can audition and go to the college fair.

Juniors are encouraged to visit the college fair to start getting a feel for schools that might interest them.

How Do I Attend?

RHS Drama does not organize a group trip to college auditions. Interested students are responsible for registering themselves, preparing their material, and going.

To register for the WA State College Auditions at Roosevelt, you must submit an application and pay a fee. Pay close attention to the instructions because the application has very specific requirements. There is a portion that must be filled out and signed by your RHS counselor, so allow plenty of time for that.

This Year

Event: 2020 Virtual PNW Unified College Auditions

Registration Open: September 23 - October 14, 2020

Applications: Register and submit your audition video HERE

Callback Invite Email Day: October 23, 2020

Fees: $15 for Thespians; $25 for Non-Thespians

More Info

See the Washington State Thespians website at

2020 College Audition Instructions

Guide for Tech Portfolio Presentations

Questions? Contact Ben Stuart at

What Are National Unified Auditions?

National Unified Auditions are similar, only on a bigger scale. More schools, more days... But they are also farther away (they take place yearly in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles). For more information about National Unified College Auditions, see