Boys on the Bus

Student-Made Web Series

In a small suburb of Paradise City, four freshmen boys meet in their homeroom and have the jam of their lives. They decide the only thing left to do is to form a band, the "Boys on the Bus." 

Meet the boys: 

There's also Julianne, the girl across the street. She's everyone's favorite firecracker - adorable, genuinely kind, and sweet enough to give you diabetes. Chloe, the girl next door, is less interested in the boys on the bus and a little more interested in a different boy next door. The manager, Zeke, may be erratic, chaotic, and have a wild energy to him, but he has the softest of soft spots for his brother-by-bond, Luke.

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The Makers of BOTB

RHS Drama students Rafael de Leon (class of 2018) and Kenzie Sigel (class of 2020) co-created a web series called "Boys on the Bus." BOTB is not an RHS Drama production, but a fun unofficial project put together by RHS Drama students and their friends. It is amazing to see the talent and creativity that emerges when RHS Drama students collaborate. 

The Release

The web series contains five episodes, plus a two-part winter special. 

The first episode debuted on October 4, 2018 on the BOTB YouTube Channel, with subsequent episodes released weekly. 

The winter special was released in January of 2019.


Nathan AllenShipman as Thad Shipman

Luke Foti as Luke Foti

Shane Broughton as Shane Broughton

David Papel as David Papel

Julianne Farley as Julianne Farley

Rafael de Leon as Ezekiel "Zeke" Bibanco

Joey Macchiarella as Jason Shipman

Kenzie Sigel as Chloe Kaplan

Jamie Maes as Mean Girl 1

Julia Palik as Mean Girl 2

Kellyn Toomre as Mean Girl 3

William Johnson as Mr. Lawrence

Kendall Barnes as June O'Neill

Daniel Penkov as Jesse Daniels

Julie Hamilton as Jesse's Girl

Bailey Lanman as Partier


Rachel Hinnant, Caleb Waite, Thalia Newman, Kerensa Newman, Sean Farley, Kylee Beylund, Kendall Barnes, India Silverman, Dasha Orlov, Gayle Deddo, Kai Goldsworth, Isabella Adad, Ernest Musser, Zelda Shirk, Bailey Lanman, Nathan Gaynor, Sam Trott, Kate Scott, Jack Antonio, Sean AllenShipman, Daniela Babin, Elliot, Nina Romano, Rachel's boyfriend, Erin Hamilton, Sophie Williams 


Created by Kenzie Sigel and Rafael de Leon    

Written and Directed by Rafael de Leon

The Boys

Shane, David, Thad, and Luke

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