Thespian Board

Hall of Fame

Meet Our Thespian Board Officers

Students elected to the Thespian Board meet regularly and organize events and activities for RHS Drama. They also prepare and present our portfolio at State, hoping to earn Gold, Silver, or Bronze Thespian Honor Troupe status.


President: Sam Terk

Vice President: Rileigh Tompkins

Secretary: Noya de Jong

Public Relations: Erin Hamilton

Senior Senator: Camille Brennan

Junior Senator: Artur Faye

Sophomore Senator: Joey Johnson


President: India Silverman

Vice President: Erin Hamilton

Secretary: Basia Olewska

Public Relations: Sam Terk

Senior Senator: Jack Antonio

Junior Senator: Noya de Jong

Sophomore Senator: Rileigh Tompkins


President: Julianne Farley

Vice President: Adrian Harris

Secretary: Emma Johnson

Public Relations: Erin Hamilton

Senior Senator: Julie Hamilton

Junior Senator: India Silverman

Sophomore Senator: Sam Terk


President: Emma Drazkowski

Vice President: Julianne Farley

Secretary: Jing Jing Wang

Public Relations: Julie Hamilton

Senior Senator: Joey Macchiarella

Junior Senator: Emma Johnson

Sophomore Senator: Adrian Harris

Outreach and Advocacy: Evie Harris


President: Caitlin Sarwono

Vice President: Rebecca Bailey

Secretary: Sarah Cauthorn

Senior Senator: Brendan Bibby

Junior Senator: Emma Drazkowski

Sophomore Senator: Julianne Farley

Outreach and Advocacy: Daniel Penkov, Evie Harris, Julie Hamilton


President: Ember Johnston

Vice President: Kaelyn Melrose

Secretary: Erika Beehler

Senior Senator: Thea Mroz

Junior Senator: Brendan Bibby

Sophomore Senator: Carter Emil

Outreach and Advocacy: Ben Broughton, Rafael de Leon, Rebecca Bailey


President: Chloe Mason

Vice President: Ember Johnston

Secretary: William Johnson

Senior Senator: Andy Burnstein

Junior Senator: Ben Broughton

Sophomore Senator: Brendan Bibby

Outreach and Advocacy: Erich Schleck, Aliya Suleman, Kaelyn Melrose


President: Emnet Tafesse

Vice President: Erich Schleck 

Secretary: Chloe Mason

Senior Senator: Liz Bailey

Junior Senator: Aliya Suleman

Sophomore Senator: Ember Johnston

Outreach and Advocacy: Andy Burnstein, Leo Simernitski, Marion Reader, Kaelyn Melrose


President: Ian Wells

Vice President: Sarang Joshi

Secretary: Marion Reader

Senior Senator: Reyna Duenas

Junior Senator: Emnet Tafesse

Sophomore Senator: Erich Schleck 

Welcoming Committee: Andy Burnstein, Julia Doherty, Liza Vaughn, Jocelyn Waite


President: Michael Pavlov

Vice Presidents: Aron Daw and Quinn Miller-Murphy

Secretary: Brandon Theurer

Senior Senator: Rebecca Cort

Junior Senator: Sarang Joshi

Sophomore Senator: Marion Reader

Welcoming Committee: Alex Velimesis, Andy Taing, Niki Russo

If you have information about the student Thespian Boards prior to 2012-2013, let us know.