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How do I audition for a show? 

For audition dates and details, see our Auditions page. For information about the audition process here at RHS, see How Auditions Work.

How do I know if I was cast in a show?

Cast lists are posted on social media and outside the RPAC shortly after callbacks. 

I was cast in a show. Now what?

Check out this summary of How Shows Work at RHS. 

Is there a fee for being in a show?

Doing theatre at RHS is a pretty good deal! The only thing you are required to pay for are meals (dinners during tech week's long rehearsal and between shows on double performance days). You pay for these meals with the Show Order form, which comes out shortly after casting. Other things on the Show Order form (such as t-shirts, photos, and Shout Outs) are optional. After you submit your order form, you will receive an invoice from our treasurer to pay online.

Do I get school credit for being in a show?

Yes. When you participate in the cast or crew of a show, you are automatically enrolled in the Production Workshop class, for which you earn .5 credit. 

If I take Drama 1 or 2, do I get to be in a show?

No. In Drama 1 and 2, students work on acting techniques and script analysis, rather than preparing a full production for the stage. These classes are a great way to deepen your understanding of theatre and improve your performance skills. For more information about all the Drama classes offered at RHS, see Classes.

Can Running Start students participate in RHS Drama?

Yes! RHS students who are doing Running Start either full time or part time are eligible to participate in all drama productions and events.

What is a Shout Out?

A Shout Out is a personalized 1/8-page message that you can put in a playbill. They are a great way to show your support for a cast or crew member. Shout Outs can include text, and clip art or photographs. You can create your own digital artwork or the parent who makes the playbills is happy to make it for you, using text you provide. You can purchase Shout Outs with the Show Order Form for parents. They cost $25 and all proceeds support the RHS Drama program.

What is a Stargram?

A Stargram is a little note, often combined with a flower or treat, that you can send to cast, crew, and show musicians to congratulate them on a job well done. Stargrams are on sale in the lobby before and after the show and during intermission. They get put into an envelope for each student and students collect them after the show.

Can I photograph or videotape performances? 

No. It is distracting for our actors and audience and it violates our licensing agreements. So tuck the camera away and enjoy the show!

Where can I get photographs from the show?

Although you cannot take photographs during performances, you can buy a thumb drive that contains professionally edited photographs taken during dress rehearsal. This is available on the Show Order Form for parents. Watch for the form to come out shortly after casting. 

Where can I get a Redmond Drama t-shirt?

Cast, crew, and pit orchestra members can get a souvenir t-shirt from our shows! You buy show t-shirts through the Show Order Form, which comes out shortly after casting. You can also get general RHS Drama merch. Check out our Merch page for a list of sources for shirts and more. 

What is Drama Fest?

Drama Fest is a collection of short plays that are written, directed, and performed by RHS students. The shows are split into two bills, Green and Gold. Gold Bill shows contain more mature content that is not appropriate for some audiences. Each bill runs for two nights in May. For more information, see How Shows Work

What is a Miscast Cabaret?

In a Miscast Cabaret, performers sing songs from roles they would never be cast in because of race, gender, age, etc. Get more info about our Miscast Cabaret show.

Tech Theatre

How do I get tech trained?

Ruth Barton, our Theater Manager, offers a weekend of tech training every September. If you miss that weekend, you can make other arrangements with Ruth. 

What is Tech Week?

Tech Week is for the techies to figure out all their design and technical elements. It will be time for them to work transitions and practice flying things in and out with perfect timing. 

What is Q2Q?

Q2Q (or cue-to-cue) is a rehearsal during Tech Week when the light and sound designers design on the stage with the cast. It is a chance to focus on putting together all the tech elements. 

What happens on double rehearsal day?

The week before opening night, we usually have a long double rehearsal, which can go until 10 pm. We run the show twice and give notes in preparation for the final dress rehearsal. We take a break for dinner. This tech dinner is coordinated by the Boosters; you pay for it when you submit your Show Order Form at the beginning of rehearsals.

What is Final Dress?

At the Final Dress rehearsal, we run the show in full costume, as if it is the night of the actual show, with no stopping.

What is Strike?

After the final performance of a show, the cast and crew strike the set. This means they dismantle the set and restore the theater to its original state. 


Can I buy tickets online?

Yes! You can now buy tickets for our productions through Brown Paper Tickets. Under On Stage, go to the page for the show you want to see. Online ticket sales close 6 hours before the show. Please visit the Will Call table in the lobby to pick up your tickets. 

Can I buy tickets at the theater?

Yes. You can still buy tickets at the Box Office. If you are buying tickets at the theater, please pay with cash or a check.

Do you have reserved seating?

No. All tickets are General Admission. The theatre doors open 30 minutes before curtain.

Stay Informed

Where can I get info about RHS Drama events? 

There are many ways to get information about RHS Drama events. In addition to this website, you can also get information on social media, email newsletters, Remind, and by attending Booster meetings. To ensure you get all the information you need, it's a good idea to follow a few different sources. For a complete list of sources, see Stay Informed.

How do I sign up for the RHS Drama Boosters newsletter?

Sign up here to get updates about RHS Drama events delivered right to your Inbox!

What's the difference between the two Facebook sites?

Redmond High School Drama is run by the student Thespian Board. RHS Drama Boosters is run by the parent Boosters. Follow both to make sure you are getting all the latest info!


What is a Thespian?

Many RHS Drama students have been inducted into the International Thespian Society, an honor society for theatre arts students. For more information about the benefits of becoming a Thespian and how to apply, see our Thespians page.

What is the Thespian Board?

The Thespian Board is the group of elected RHS Drama students who organize events and activities for RHS Drama. To see who is on this year’s Thespian Board, see Thespians.

What is our Thespian Troupe number? 


Support RHS Drama

How can I help?

Parents, there are so many ways you can help! One of the most valuable things you can give is your time. Get involved with the RHS Drama Boosters to support your kid from behind the scenes. We have jobs of all sizes, many of which can be done from home. See a list of Booster job descriptions.

I have a fundraising idea! Who do I contact?

Email the RHS Drama Boosters at redmonddrama@gmail.com. We’d love to hear your idea!

How do I make a donation to RHS Drama?

Our Friends of the Theatre program provides a direct path to supporting our drama program at Redmond High School.

Might my donation be eligible for corporate matching?

Yes! Many companies, such as Microsoft and Google, financially match charitable donations made to RHS Drama Boosters. Check with your employer to get us on their list of matching nonprofits.

Is RHS Drama Boosters a nonprofit?

Yes! Redmond High School Drama Boosters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID: 47-0803417

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Probably! Check with your tax advisor.

Can I get paid to work with the Boosters? 

Well, yes and no. We are a volunteer organization, so we can’t pay you. However, if your employer has a matching program, they might match the hours you volunteer for RHS Drama Boosters with a donation to us. Find out if your company does this and submit your hours for matching. 

How do I advertise my business in your theatre programs?

We would love to have your support! For more information, see our Corporate Sponsors page.

Can we raise money for RHS Drama by shopping on Amazon?

Yes! Designate Redmond High School Drama Boosters as your AmazonSmile charity, shop on smile.amazon.com, and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to our program! Get more info.

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Where do I turn in forms and payments?

Put completed forms and payments in an envelope and label it “Drama Boosters.” You can either give them to the RHS front office or mail them to the school. You can put them in the Drama mailbox in the atrium by the Choir room. Or you can turn them in at a Booster meeting

Can I get financial assistance to participate in drama events?

Yes. Drama Booster funds vary from year to year, depending upon the success of fund-raising activities. When funds are available, we are pleased to be able to provide confidential financial assistance for activities such as Thespys (formerly Individual Events - IE), the State Thespian Conference, the trip to Ashland, and show t-shirts or tech rehearsal dinner costs. To apply for financial assistance from the Boosters, fill out the Financial Assist Request form (also available on the Forms page). 

Another source for confidential financial assistance is RHS Help. RHS Help is a fund through the state-wide InvestEd fund that helps students pay for school costs. RHS Help has limited funds, so first priority will be given to requests for class fees and school supplies to help meet graduation requirements. Social items such as dances will be covered only after academic needs are met for all – and priority will be given to seniors. Note that they do not pay for large trips. Remember, it can take up to one week to have your request answered through RHS Help. Please make sure you turn your request in with plenty of time to accommodate this timeline. To learn more about RHS Help, see your school counselor. 

How do I get reimbursed for Booster expenses?

To get reimbursed for approved expenses incurred while doing Booster work, fill out a Reimbursement form (also available on the Forms page), and send it with your receipts to the Booster treasurer. 


There's a problem on this website. Who do I contact?

If you can't find the information you need... If you click on a link that goes nowhere... If you see a typo... Let us know! Please email feedback about this website to the RHS Drama Boosters at redmonddrama@gmail.com

Got a question not answered here? Email the RHS Drama Boosters at redmonddrama@gmail.com.