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Honoring Outstanding Thespians

Each year, RHS Drama seniors are recognized with a special award from the director. This honor has gone by many names through the years, but is currently called The Outstanding Thespian Award.

Outstanding Thespian

The Outstanding Thespian Award is given by the RHS Drama Director to a student who upholds the aims and ideals of the International Thespian Society. A student of theatre who performs their part as well as they can, accepts praise and criticism with grace, cooperates with fellow thespians, works for the good of the troupe, and shares their love of theatre.

2022 - Sean Farley

2021 - Jack Antonio

2020 - Julianne Farley

2019 - Joey Macchiarella

2018 - Brendan Bibby

Director's Award

The Director's Award was given by Misty Carson Doty to two RHS Drama students each year. These students showed exceptional participation and leadership in the department and were an inspiration to others. 

2017 - Kaelyn Melrose, 

2016 - Andy Burnstein,


2014 - Liza Vaughn,

2013 - Rebecca Cort, Aron Daw

2012 - Emma Broback,

2011 - 

2010 - Dalton Broback, Allie DeAngelis

2009 - 

2008 - 

2007 - Matt Sage, Nicole Guzman


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We have some gaps in our records. If you, or someone you know, received the Director's Award from Ms. Carson-Doty, email the boosters to add names to this list.

senior Drama Award

The Senior Drama Award was presented by director Sharon Pape to two seniors whose contribution to the RHS Drama Program was inspirational. Recipients were usually involved in the program throughout high school and often participated in many aspects of drama - as actors, directors, and tech crew. These students were leaders in the department and positive role models at all times. The recipients were determined by a vote from the cast and crew members of the RHS Drama department. 

2006 - Brandon White, Lindsay Piper

2005 - Megan McBride, Jackie Blanco

2004 - Kelsey Jamieson, Skylar Leonard

2003 - Dayna Lurie, Eric Gordon

2002 - Lauren Chambers, Greg Barrett

2001 - Craig Swanson, Kathleen Seiter

2000 - Matt Bariletti, Sam Podgorny

1999 - Trace Barnes, Ana Malvar

1998 - Jonathan Jones, Rachel Kerwin

1997 - Kelly Lohman, Jake Anderson

1996 - Peter Eskelsen, Jessica French