Redmond Sees

theatre in our community

Got an Idea?

If you know of a show coming up that you think would make a good Redmond Sees, let our Thespian Board know! 

Let's See a Show!

Redmond Sees is when RHS Drama students go to see nearby school and community theatre productions. Often we know people in the cast. It is fun to support our friends, fellow drama departments, and local community theatres. And, of course, we love to see as much theatre as possible!

These are informal “field trips” organized by students. Since the school has no involvement, there is no paperwork required. 

Sometimes we meet at RHS and carpool to the location. Other times, the opportunities are announced and it is up to you to gather friends and go. 

Watch social media for details about Redmond Sees events.

The Fine Print

Please be aware that often carpools are driven by teenage drivers, and you should understand the risk associated. You are not required to participate in the carpool to participate in Redmond Sees. 

Also, some Redmond Sees will require us to reserve tickets in advance. In those circumstances, ticket payment may be requested early and we cannot guarantee your money back if you are unable to attend.