How Auditions Work

Here at RHS

Wondering how auditions work here at RHS? Although each audition can be slightly different, here is an overview of the typical process.

Who can audition?

Auditions are open to all RHS students, including part-time and full-time Running Start students.

Audition workshops 

A couple of days before auditions, the thespian board will host audition workshops after school. Here, you can get help finding and perfecting your audition material. Watch social media for information about what you should prepare for your audition.

Audition form 

On the day you audition, you must bring a completed Audition form, signed by a parent or guardian. You cannot audition without it. Watch social media for information about the form. Also, the usually Director posts the Audition forms outside the RPAC.


The week before auditions, a sign-up list will be posted outside the RPAC. You will add your name to the list to secure a time slot during auditions. Students are organized in groups of 5 so that each person has an opportunity to observe other auditions. Typically, students are able to leave once they have completed their audition.


After auditions are done, the callback list is posted on social media. Callbacks are typically held the day after auditions are done. Callbacks are a second chance for the director to see actors perform. You usually don’t prepare material for callbacks. The director might ask you to read sides (cuttings from the show) with or without other actors. For a musical, you will also be asked to learn and perform a dance from the show in small groups and you might be asked to sing selections from the show in small groups or on your own.  

Cast List

Cast lists are posted on social media and outside the RPAC shortly after callbacks.

Audition Dates

For dates and details of this year's auditions, see our Auditions page.