College Scholarship

Hall of Fame

Recognizing Outstanding Seniors

In the spring, RHS Drama seniors can apply for a college scholarship through the boosters. In the application, students discuss the impact they have had on RHS Drama, the leadership they have demonstrated, their participation in drama events, and their involvement in the larger community. 

Outstanding Theater Citizen 

The Outstanding Theatre Citizen Scholarship recognizes outstanding citizenship within the RHS Drama department and the greater community. The recipient shows leadership in the department, provides inspiration to others, and has contributed to the improvement of the program. They demonstrate significant involvement with drama activities over their time at RHS and involvement in several different aspects of RHS Drama.

2022 - Erin Hamilton

2021 - Greg Sellers

Ember Johnston Scholarship

Ember Johnston (RHS ‘17) was a creative member of our drama department, a leader to our underclassmen, and a passionate contributor to the community at large. Ember used their Drama Booster scholarship to pursue a BFA in Directing, Playwriting, and Production at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Together with Ember’s family, the Boosters created a two-year memorial scholarship. This scholarship was given to an outstanding student who, like Ember, has chosen to further their studies in the arts beyond high school.

2020 - Kenzie Sigel

2019 - Emma Drazkowski

Marc Diamond Scholarship 

For eight years, this special award was given to an outstanding student who participated in a variety of roles throughout their four years in the Redmond High School Drama department. The scholarship was generously provided by the family of Marc Diamond (1944-2005). Marc was a teacher, theater director, playwright, and novelist. He was an inspiration to his nephew, Kyle Stella (RHS ‘12), and hundreds of other students during his life. 

2019 - Rebecca Bailey 

2018 - Sarah Cauthorn

2017 - Kaelyn Melrose 

2016 - Erich Schleck

2015 - Liz Bailey

2014 - Alex Gossard

2013 - Andy Taing

2012 - Collin Byrne

Drama Booster Scholarships

Each year, the Redmond High School Drama Boosters award college scholarships to recognize students who have demonstrated significant involvement in RHS’s Drama program. We are delighted to acknowledge their talent, enthusiasm, participation, and leadership in the drama community, as well as in the RHS and Redmond communities at large.


Camille Brennan
Jack Papel
Sam Terk


Basia Olewska


Nathan AllenShipman
Kendall Barnes
Julianne Farley
Emma Johnson
Katie Krmpotich
Manatsu Okada
David Papel


Joey Macchiarella
Lindsey Nielsen
Chloe Waite
Jing Jing Wang


Brendan Bibby
Rafael de Leon


Cassidy Barnes
Erika Beehler
Ben Broughton
Ember Johnston
Isabella Pollock
Amy Wren