Troupe 5117

What is a thespian?

A Thespian is a member of the International Thespian Society (ITS), an honor society for high school and middle school theatre students. ITS is a division of the Educational Theatre Association

The International Thespian Society has inducted more than 2.4 million theatre students since its founding in 1929. 

Both actors and technicians can become Thespians. ITS runs state and national events and offers opportunities for students to showcase and receive assessments on tech and performance skills.

RHS Thespians

Redmond High School Drama participates in Thespians. We are Troupe 5117 of the Washington State Thespians. Our students attend the Thespian Excellence Awards Festival Northwest for both performance and tech, unified college auditions, the State Festival, and sometimes the International Thespian Festival (Nationals).

Why Become a Thespian?

There are many benefits of being an inducted thespian:

How Do I Become a Thespian?

Any RHS student is eligible for Thespian membership after acting or being a technician in two (2) RHS extracurricular Drama productions, such as the musical, play, or Drama Fest. 

Once you qualify, you can apply anytime. Some students apply mid-year so that they are eligible to perform at State. 

Applying to be a Thespian is easy! You just fill out paperwork and pay a fee. The Director handles and submits all Thespian applications for our troupe. 

Induction Ceremony

You are officially a Thespian, and a member of Troupe 5117, as soon as your paperwork goes through. At the Drama Banquet in June, we celebrate all new RHS Thespians with an induction ceremony.


The elected RHS Thespian Board meets regularly and organizes events and activities for RHS Drama. 

2023-2024 OFFICERS

President: Joey Johnson & Charlie Bovey

Vice President: Emma Dorrain

Secretary: Noah Lee

Treasurer: Lanie Christenson

Public Relations: Brue Cooperrider-Young

Historian: Jillian Swigard

Tech Representative: Parker Terk

To reach the Thespian Board, contact Thespian Advisor Garth Ball

Thespian Troupe Honors

All year long, the Thespian Board keeps track of the troupe's work, assembling a portfolio of photos, programs, social media screenshots, and other evidence of troupe participation in state events, community service, and other activities. They present their portfolio at State, where it is adjudicated against a rubric, in hopes of earning the title of Gold, Silver, or Bronze Thespian Honor Troupe. 

Check out RHS Drama's Honor Troupe titles!


Elections for the following year's Thespian Board are held in the spring. The new board is announced at the Drama Banquet

If you are interested in running for a position on the Thespian Board next year, watch social media for information or see the Director.

To see who served on past RHS Drama Thespian Boards, see our Thespian Board Hall of Fame.